Friday, March 11, 2016

Logan is 8

Wednesday afternoon as always we got the kids but we had something special planned for Logan. He turned 8 on Thursday which is insane to me, I met him when he was 5. We had our Newmans come over for dinner, mini cupcakes and presents.

 Just in case you sit there and wonder what are these kids wearing, it was wacky Wednesday at school! haha Notice Logans shinguards?

 He was super excited for the main gift we got him and then Mrs. Ashley got him 2 games/pieces to go with it!! He absolutely loved it and the fact that it is age appropriate I love it!


Logan has such a huge heart, he served everyone a cupcake then he got one.

Another birthday down and many more to go! Thank you to our friends for coming to celebrate Logan! :) We ordered some superhero cupcakes for this weekend because we had no clue what our plans would be so we will be taking them to James Island tomorrow because they are not sitting in my house! Let's just say I have motivation now to at least not gain weight.... haha


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