Wednesday, March 23, 2016

NJ Day 1

You would think after driving all day we would have slept good BUT our room was a sauna. We literally were sweating our first night there BUT the temperatures dropped so the rest of our nights there were cool. Thank God!

 We woke up and headed to the gym which was really nice! They had lots of machines that our gyms don't have so I enjoyed getting to switch my workouts up a little bit.
 We got back, got ready then headed to lunch with his brother and sister in law, I really liked them a lot and the food was so good. I also got a mimosa because why not, I was on vaca!

 After lunch we went to his parents house and then we all headed down to Seaside Heights home of the awesome Jersey Shore show. haha that show made the shore look bad but my experience was much better.

 It was an absolutely beautiful day out there, I loved it.

 The infamous Shore Store where the cast of Jersey Shore worked, I did not go in but of course I had to take a pic!

 We all got a Philly Cheesesteak and Fries and sat on the boardwalk to eat.


 We did get a few t-shirts in here that were not tacky but as you can see there was plenty of tacky going on in here!

 The sunset on the way back to his parents house.
We saw a couple of his buddies on the way there and stopped to chat for a few.
 We ended the night at a local pub with a few of his family members! He had invited some friends but ya know you can only count on your family :)

Dave, His Step dad Pat, sis Breana, Uncle Michael and little Michael!

We stayed until 10:30 then went back to the base to CRASH! Saturday was a HUGE day and luckily Friday night I slept like a baby!


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