Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 2&3

 Day 2 was one of my favorites by far BUT it was the most exhausting but so much fun!
We started the day off in the gym, got ready then headed to Trenton NJ to pick up his dad and head to Philadelphia.
 When we arrived we had NO plan which probably wasn't really all that smart but it all worked out. We walked around a little then went to get a philly cheesesteak, we met a guy who owns most of the stores in the place we were in and he hooked us up with a tour bus deal.

 I did not eat this entire thing, maybe 1/4! so yummy though! Do you see why I worked out everyday??
 His dad, Dave and me freezing at the top of our double decker tour bus waiting for our 90 minute tour.



 Have I mentioned we were freezing?? It actually started to snow the last 30 minutes of the tour which was cool.

 This was absolutely the way to go if you want to see everything quickly. We paid $20 a ticket and it was so worth it. Not only do you see everything but you have a tour guide that makes it all very interesting.
 We just had to take pictures with the Rocky statue in the visitor information center! Ok the guys didn't really care but I talked them into it.
 We headed out of the city around 4, dropped off his dad, picked up his step dad then headed to Atlantic City!
 The weather was absolutely yuck so the casino was perfect for Saturday night! I figured we would have fun but I had way more fun than I thought I would have.
 We went to Caesars which was awesome, I loved the décor!
 Love this man!
Me and his step dad, I was on my lucky machine by this point where I ended up leaving with $85. I played $60 total, we were there almost 2 hours and I took home $85 I would say that's not too shabby.

The drive home was scary because we did back roads and when I say it was pitch black dark outside I am not even kidding! I was just praying no deer ran out in front of the car or that the car wouldn't break down! At one point Dave turned the lights off for like 2 seconds and I did NOT like that. It was just WAY too dark and there were hardly any other cars out there.

We headed back to the hotel and passed OUT!!!

Sunday (day 4) was a kinda "lazy" day. I took no pictures if that tells you anything. We slept in then he went to hang out with his family and I stayed around the hotel and worked out. He came back to get me later that afternoon and we went to his brothers house for the evening. We had the BEST pizza I have ever had while there, that is one thing I may miss about Jersey. It was really nice to get to know more of his family and while we were there it started snowing and didn't stop until the next morning! I kept looking out the window and his sis in law was probably laughing inside at me because to them that snow was nothing but to me it was insane. We ended the night with a parfait from Wawa which was delicious and walking dead!

Monday we woke up to snow but more on that later!


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