Monday, March 14, 2016

Our busy weekend

This weekend was a busy one for sure! I knew I would be tired Monday morning but I didn't think I would be this tired, it could be caused by the time change as well.

So let's recap the weekend shall we!
 Friday night I went with my mom, grammy, sistas, bestie Ashley and nephew to Davids Bridal to try on wedding dresses. I was so nervous because obviously this is a first for me. I haven't always had  the best luck when trying on clothes. Being short, big up top and not super skinny has always made it rough, BUTTTTT I said yes to a dress!!! I love love love my dress!! It compliments my figure and it is flowy and not heavy. Our wedding will be outside so those last 2 things are crucial for my dress.

My sister got me earrings that say Mrs which I love!!
 My grammy using snapchat! haha
 Since Logans birthday was Thursday I had ordered him superhero cupcakes not knowing what our plans would be for his birthday! I thought they looked really cool and we were also given some amazing chocolate covered strawberries! The ones with the little chocolate chips on them were the best!
 Dave kept Isabelle with him and the kids at home, they played and ate pizza and cupcakes!

 Saturday morning I knew I didn't want to walk on the treadmill so off Teddy and I went and it was so nice! The fog looked a little creepy at points and then really pretty at others.
 Later that morning we were off to soccer where Logan scored his first goal! I may have shed a happy tear because I knew he would be stoked!


 We went to JI later to hang with the fam! Helped at my sisters house a little bit then went to my parents to have dinner (fried chicken yummm) and cupcakes!

Both of my nieces spent the night Saturday night which I was a little nervous about but honestly it went really well. They are well behaved which I already knew but the thought of 4 kids was scary! All the girls slept in Alaynas room which I think is why Alayna took an almost 3 hours nap on Sunday!
 I woke up early Sunday morning and took an even longer walk with Teddy which we both enjoyed. The sun coming up was so pretty!
I am going through a phase right now where I just don't feel like being IN the gym, I think it's because the weather is nice. I may stick to walking outside but I want to look good in my wedding dress so I definitely need to lift weights.
 Since we celebrated Logans birthday Saturday night with my family he got a few gifts. He has loved it all! Battleship, star wars legos, bubble lightsaber and money which he spent on superchargers (video games) at Target.

 He got more than we thought he would thanks to some sales!

 We saw some kids in the pool later that afternoon so the kids attempted the pool after Logan played video games and Alayna woke up from her nap. Logan said it was like the arctic.... I think they enjoyed trying to swim but yeah it was just too cold.

 So we went back inside and the boys played battleship, Alayna painted and I cooked dinner. I reallllllly enjoyed this because it was just a really chill afternoon. After dinner they played at the park for a few then back to mommys they went!

Next weekend we will be out of town so I will have lots to blog about! Hopefully we have a really good time but I can honestly say I am not looking forward to 10 hours in the car both ways! Maybe I can sleep!

Have a good week everyone!!


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