Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunny days

 Guys, seriously, yesterday the weather was fantastic!!! Soaking in all that vitamin D was good for my soul.

I will back track a little then get to Sunday! We got the kids this weekend but they didn't get to the house until late Friday night so they pretty much got baths and straight to bed.
Saturday morning I knew I needed to workout as soon as I woke up or it wasn't going to happen.
Logan had soccer and we kicked the ball around before the boys left to let him warm up. I actually really enjoyed kicking around the ball, it was fun and another form of exercise! Exercise that doesn't feel like exercise is definitely awesome! I think Logan really loved it as well, quality time together!


The boys went to soccer and the girls went to get a hair cut, Alayna not me!
 Top is before and the bottom is after, she wanted her hair above her ears but we compromised with shoulder length. She absolutely loves it and it only cost me $11 which was definitely not bad at all.
 We went to Hobby lobby later when the boys got home then went to my parents house to hang out after cleaning out some stuff from my sisters garage! I found a box full of pictures, some of them were awesome to see and some not so much so those went in the trash!
 Saturday we also stopped at Target and I saw ankle weights so I tried them out Sunday morning! They definitely made a few of my leg exercises a little harder which is GOOD! More calories burned and I am more sore from it!

We went to church then got my car from Costco and headed to my parents house. We stayed outside for quite a few hours washing cars, playing ball and just hanging out! Logan wanted to go inside and play on the Ipad but I told him it was a beautiful day and we were going to go outside and enjoy it! Based off of how dirty his pants were last night I would say he had some fun!

 Besides 1 incident involving bubbles and a fish pond it was a great day! Lesson learned, do not leave a 5 year old unattended when there a 5 million things they could get into! ay ay ay!! Not even my kids and they are probably giving me a few grey hairs already. Luckily the fish were saved!

 Today is supposed to be 70 and sunny and of course being stuck inside is not my idea of fun but there are bills to be paid so work I must do!

Oh and I almost forgot our soccer ball adventure involving our huge pond at the apartment. Logan wanted so badly to kick around his soccer ball when we got home so I told him if you stay away from the pond then it's fine. I go inside for maybe 15 minutes then notice Logan has no soccer ball near him. Of course when I ask where it is I already knew where it was, so Dave fished it out the pond. THEN Dave decides trying to kick it across the pond to us was a good idea... yeah he had to fish the soccer ball from the pond TWICE! Age wise there are 2 kids at our house but really there are 3, one of them is just legally an adult ;) I told Dave he was going to be put in timeout obviously joking then we get inside and Alayna tells him he forgot to go sit in timeout. Gotta love it!!

I really hope next weekend is warm and sunny, I am ready for winter to be in the rear view mirror!


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