Friday, February 12, 2016


Last night in the freezing cold we went to Logan's first soccer practice.
This is his very first time playing any kind of sport or doing any organized activity outside of school stuff. I really had no intention of going since it was just a practice and you know freezing BUT Dave asked me to go so I did. We sat in traffic for what felt like forever, I will NEVER live in Summerville the traffic is always horrible.
 Dave entertained Alayna for the most part while we were there!

 Can you see the smile on his face?? He loved every minute of practice and I really hope he continues to love it.
 When I was a kid I played soccer for a year and I wanted to continue until I found out I had back problems and was forced to wear a back brace. Soccer and a back brace just do not go together, trust me! So unfortunately I quit, I do wish I had maybe given it a better try and attempted to adjust to the brace but I didn't.


 I know there will be many soccer games in our future, I am not sure that I will go to ALL of them but probably most. I know Logan absolutely loved seeing all of us there (me, Dave, Ashley (his mom) and Alayna) he kept looking as us and smiling a BIG BIG smile!

We get the kids this weekend, no clue what our plans are but there will be fun going on!


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