Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sunday Fun

Guys, this morning is just so not MY morning! I have had computer problems galore and currently on the phone (on hold) with customer service for one of my websites that isn't working. Happy Tuesday!

So anywho because I am super cheery and I have nothing else to do why not post some pictures of the rest of my weekend which includes some really cute kids!
 I think I put in my last post we had  this bee called bumble with us all weekend to take pictures with, here are 3! She asked me a million times to take pictures of this thing but I took around 6! I am sure once she got home her mom probably took a few as well so she is good to go.

 Bumble even got to go to church, this is the one time she was allowed to take a toy into church so she was excited about that one.

After church we went to my parents house to hang out and for Dave to help my dad with a project.

 My parents house ALWAYS involves scooters if the kids are with us!

 We played outside for a little bit. We started in the front yard but a certain 1 year old kept running for the street so we were off to the backyard for less stressful fun!

 There was one last attempt at a smash cake (piece of cake) but he really just wasn't into it which surprised me. I got some cute pictures this time without tears.




Such a cute baby!

We enjoyed our time with my parents then headed home to prep my food for work for the week, cook dinner and get the kids ready for mommies house.

We had a good weekend for sure, next weekend will involve SLEEP! I didn't sleep good all weekend so it is needed. I don't know why but when the kids are with us I don't sleep as good. They don't come wake us up or anything so I have no idea what it is.

Hopefully the rest of this day will be better than my morning!

Happy Tuesday people!


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