Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentines and Year 2

I guess now that I actually HAVE a Valentine I really do enjoy this holiday. Obviously in my single years Singlesawarenessday was not my favorite! I know it is just a cheesy holiday and that you should show your loved ones that you love them year round but um chocolate... that's all I will say about that! haha
 What Dave got me on the left and what I got him on the right missing this thing for his car that I didn't get a picture of! I should also note this was our valentines and anniversary gifts to each other. He also got me flowers and I made him oreo truffles! Clearly one way to our heart is sugar, amen! Just don't look at that muffin top hanging over my pants this week ;)
 Since we had the kids we wanted to get them a little something, we kept it simple but they enjoyed it.

 It was reallllllly cold and Dave woke up late so we didn't make it to church, we had a really lazy morning!
 Oh you know just passing the time with silly pictures!

 The kids bundled up for a little bit and went to ride their scooters and play at the playground. Insane because it was SO cold!
 Since it was Valentines day and all I decided to wear my I love my boyfriend shirt that I got on clearance the day after our very first valentines. I was excited to try it on this year because it fit way better than it did when I initially bought it. Non scale victory my friends!

 This kid is just silly!
 We went to JI to my parents house the rest of the day and hung out and had a super yummy steak dinner!! I love love love a good steak!!!
 We got home, took baths, hung out then bible story time before bed. We finished the book we had so I need to go get another one because they LOVE bible story time!
 My aunt tagged me on FB of this picture of my Mama (dads mommy) isn't she beautiful! Her birthday was valentines day, I believe she would have been 89.

 Monday was our 2 year anniversary and we had planned to workout eat lunch then take the kids to Monkey Joes but lets just say there must have been a full moon or something because they wouldn't listen for anything.  I don't reward bad behavior with special fun things so we hung out at home the rest of the day. Which honestly was fine with me because the weather was just yucky! Alayna ended up falling asleep on her floor (her bed was taken apart because she peed in it) when does that stop?? Anyway Dave and Logan went out to get hair cuts so I literally had the apartment to myself (besides a passed out Alayna) it was nice! I meal prepped my breakfast for the week and even did a beef tenderloin in the crockpot which turned out AMAZING. I also watched a LOT of tv that afternoon!

I made us take an anniv selfie :)

The kids went home around 5 and we hung out until it was time to go to church which was maybe 30 minutes! We are really enjoying our small group so far, it is geared toward weight loss which overall I really don't care if I lose but I do not want to gain! I am pretty content where I am except for a little extra fluff on my tummy but that is all diet. I just haven't felt as committed to eating super clean/healthy. My meals are good but my snacking is not the best! I am going to work on it but you best believe I am still going to enjoy some chocolate here and there! I am forever a work in progress with this whole weight deal! :) I would say being mostly happy where I am is definitely a good thing!

Overall our 3 day weekend really was great besides a few hiccups on Monday! I think our next holiday is in May so we have awhile before any paid days off! Until next time wonderful 3 day weekend.....


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