Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Our Weekend

This past weekend was a really good one like really good! It might have been because it was finally not freezing outside which I definitely am happy about. Today it is stormy and blah!
 Friday night Dave moved our old couch to a friends house because we were getting our new ones delivered Saturday afternoon. It didn't occur to us that we would have no where to sit in our living room until we had to sit on the floor. This was probably a good thing because my nephew came over for a little bit Friday night so there was more room for him to move around. aka we didn't have to worry about him falling into any furniture!
 We really enjoyed our Oliver time!


 Saturday morning was Logans very first soccer game and he did SO good! I was really proud of how good he did and how he is such a team player! His team won too so I know he was thrilled!
 Alayna being silly with her hat!

 Team player right here! He was SO excited for his teammate who had just scored a goal!

 They did team pictures randomly after the game! The coach looks SO familiar to me but I just can't place it!

 We went to the gym after the soccer game then went to Target for groceries!

 Around 3:30 our furniture arrived and the guys literally took less than 5 minutes to drop it off and go! We had to play with the furniture a bit to figure out the best placement because I told him it wouldn't fit how we planned but you know he wouldn't listen. I was right ;) BUT we both like the way the living room is set up now for the most part so it's ok!
 Our new lights! The one on the left I got for a steal at Kirklands and mom gave me the one on the right because she thought it would look good and it does. Finally I have some good lighting in the apartment, yay!!
 This is such a dark picture but you can see how we have it all set up now!

Just a random cute picture of Teddy!

Sunday we did church then hung out with the family! They cooked a delicious dinner as always!! It was like I said a good weekend!!

Last night we had our small group which is geared towards being healthy and there is a weight loss competition. WELL I didn't really care about the weight loss until it became a competition and I was happy to be down 2.1 lbs yesterday! woop woop!! I don't plan to lose a lot but I think this is fun and to have a group just makes it even better! We did the snacks last night and everyone loved what I brought! Cheerio bars for the win!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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