Monday, February 1, 2016

Minion Party

Happy 1st Birthday Oliver!
Friday our little Oliver turned 1 and we celebrated with a minion party. I got the kids early so they wouldn't miss any of the fun since the party started at 6:30. 

 Isn't my mommy beautiful? I love this picture of her!

I spy Minions!!!

Someone had a bottle and passed out on his birthday, snuggles with Aunt Susan!
 Krystal put on Jurrasic World, such a good movie. Alayna asked yesterday if she could watch the movie from Olivers birthday. Guess we will be buying it!
 Alayna and her bee, she had to take bumble home this weekend for school and take pictures with it.


 His smash cake that didn't get smashed. Poor little dude was not happy when he got woken up, but he couldn't sleep through his whole birthday party!
Started out crying, we started to sing and he stopped then the tears started again.

 Dad built a fire which I always enjoy, s'mores were a hit and just hanging out keeping warm. It wasn't exactly COLD outside but the fire still felt great!

 This little guy got lots of good presents yet he was most excited about an empty container? haha

 How stinkin cute is he??? LOVE him!

 We had so much fun celebrating Oliver, this kid has changed our world and we love him dearly! It is fun to have a boy thrown in the mix. I know when he is older him and Logan will have lots of boy fun together even with such an age difference.


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