Monday, April 18, 2016

Part 1 of the weekend

 Are you ready for picture overload?? I sure hope so because there are plenty and I like them all so I didn't delete any! This would be part 1 of our weekend to Greenville/Asheville!
 We headed to Greenville around 4:30 after Dave got home from work! Besides 30 minutes of dead stopped traffic the drive was not bad we arrived around 8. We also took Teddy which we were hoping wouldn't be something we would regret, he was a good boy thankfully!
We had dinner which was delicious, a glass of wine and a beer then off to bed Saturday was going to be a big fun day!

 As usual I woke up at the butt crack of dawn 6:45 so I took Teddy exploring around the neighborhood which was so nice. They have some seriously beautiful homes in their neighborhood.

I should also note Saturday was Daves 29th birthday and since we were out of town we didn't have a cake SOOOOO I went and got fancy donuts!! They were delicious and everyone ate one too many!
 Seriously, do they not look amazing!! Maple frosted bacon donut, enough said!!

Dave and I got ready then we headed to Asheville, NC to go to the Biltmore Estate! I have been wanting to go back for a few years now and finally got to go.

 Wild turkeys on the way to the house.
 I will leave most of these with no caption because really you can figure it all out ;)

 They had some romance theme going on so they had a ton of costumes from old time romance movies around the house.

 We found our wedding cake ;) haha

I will say one thing, I was staring at the chandelier while walking up the stairs and tripped. haha


 One thing I need to buy for the wedding is a cake server and knife, not sure what made me think this was even something I could afford before checking, $240!!!!! They were gorgeous but nope not happening!

 Biltmore Estate selfies galore!

 I absolutely love this picture I took from the Italian garden, this house is just amazing! The pic below is the view of the back yard.


 We did the wine tasting and I found 2 that I really liked. Dave however hated them all but I was proud of him for at least trying them.
 An out of order picture he took inside the house.

We got back to Greenville around 5:30 and changed to go downtown for dinner. Unfortunately downtown was INSANELY busy so we just walked around, went to falls park then grabbed dinner on the way back and watched tv the rest of the night.

We had SUCH a good time and seriously the weather could not have been any better. It was 70 and sunny, absolutely PERFECT!! Sunday was just as good, more on that later!


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