Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Fun

This weekend was full of fun starting with Dodgeball on Friday at work. I only watched, Dave played, it was nice to get out the office for a few minutes too!

 I wore my SAPR shirt which was the reason for the dodgeball games, they were raising money to help victims.

We had our Newmans come over Friday night, unfortunately Dave had a bad headache and was in bed the whole time but I enjoyed having them over :) Dave woke up to help get kids in the bath, read them their bible story then back to bed! Saturday was a busy busy day so we crashed early.

 I started out in the gym at 6:45 before Dave had to leave the house at 7:30! I knew I wouldn't be eating healthy so I had to get in a workout! I got the kids fed then they went to Logans soccer game with their mom and I went to JI for my Bridal Shower. My shower will be a HUGE post of it's own, I have a million pictures or at least it seems there are a million. I need to organize them to some extent before posting.

 Snapchat picture!
 After the shower Dave and the kids came to hang out, Logan got a trophy for playing this season.


 There were 4 wheeler rides, cuddles and movie watching, hanging out, dinner and a 1 mile walk with mom to walk off the cupcakes I ate!

 I let both of the girls come spend the night so we ventured to the pool where they all froze their butts off. See Logans pic below if you are wondering how cold!
 You could not pay me to get in this pool, kids are crazy!! Isabelle is the craziest she was first in the pool Saturday night and Sunday and the only one who didn't want to get out.  I MADE her get out at one point because her lips were purple although she said she wasn't cold. ay ay ay!

  Maybe 45 minutes at the pool then it was time for baths, they all played Jenga then off to bed!

 Sunday after church we had our first official pool day, it was perfect!! I need to get some sun for the wedding and finally I got to start working on my tan. I was not a fan of the strapless bathing suit top but I can't have tan lines. Luckily it came with this TINY strap which helped a little bit but not enough! After the wedding I will go back to my normal bathing suit tops!

 The girls went home around 4:30, I cooked dinner while the kids played then they went home around 6:30 and I was DONE!! Weekend had wiped me out!! I tried to stay up for a tv show at 9 but I crashed shortly after it started. I just couldn't hang! Next weekend should be much more quiet besides helping my sister move some of her stuff! otherwise we have NO plans which I am so ok with!! The next month will be busy busy busy which most of it is going to be fun stuff but busy none the less!


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