Monday, April 11, 2016

My beautiful Aunt

 I attached a few pictures that I really liked that are not too old of my Aunt Susan. The one of her Theresa and David is from Christmas and I absolutely love it.

She was such a great person and I have so many memories with her. It will be hard to imagine life not including her anymore but I know she will always be with us. One thing I want to do soon is go to Patriots Point which I have wanted to do anyway. But that was our place, her and I always went together because we both just loved it. We loved to explore the ship and find new things we had not seen before. It will be sad to be there without her because honestly I don't know if I have ever gone without her. Again, she will be with me in spirit!
 Before the service Alayna and I went to my friend Shannons to do hair and makeup trial for the wedding. I think it all turned out nice and we both looked good for Aunt Susans service which was a plus.
 Beautiful flowers sent in her honor.
 I know a memorial service probably isn't the normal place for a family picture but we all looked so nice so I had to get one picture. I absolutely LOVE the pictures just wish the first one I had taken my darn glasses off.

 Logan had looked forward to the picture slideshow ALL day and as soon as it started he sat there and watched until the photos started over again. He has such a big heart and he was truly so sad that she passed. I didn't know if the kids would care only because they were not around her a ton but they did care and it was so sweet to me.
 The service was really nice and I think she truly would have enjoyed it.
One thing I thought about recently that Susan and I have in common is a love for taking pictures. I obviously take tons of pictures all the time and it dawned on me last week that she took pictures ALL the time when I was younger. Every time we went anywhere it was like a photoshoot with her especially to the gardens. 

I will love you forever and always, until we meet again!


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