Sunday, September 25, 2011

St. Louis Days 1-4

I am officially home from vacation! It was a blast but I am kinda glad it is over. I was ready to get back to my boring life. haha I know something is wrong with me right? I had the best time with my best friend Angel and her family! They kept everyday so entertaining but there will be plenty to do on my next visit. The one thing I am looking forward to the most for my next trip is zip lining! I have been dying to do that and apparently there is a place you can do it there. AWESOME!

So Day 1: I flew out of charleston at 6am and arrived there at 10am their time. They are an hour behind us. We had lunch and went to a birthday party for one of Josh's little friends. Angel and George went on a date that night. Can you believe they haven't been on a date since I last babysat when they still lived here??? Insane!! So it was a must and they had a great time!

Day 2: WORST DAY EVER! I had food poisoning from my lunch the previous day. I was so darn sick all day I couldn't do anything but lay in bed. Luckily my room had their computer so I watched movies on netflix and they actually went out and did a few errands. I told them to go about their business and not to worry. I got severely dehydrated though and almost passed out in the shower. That was a very scary experience for me not to mention a horrible feeling!

Day 3: Angel and I had a girls day full of MALLS! :) We went to I think 3 malls and had Cheesecake factory for lunch. That night we went to a casino which was so much fun! I spent $40 and left with $80! Angel won double her money as well which was awesome. For us BOTH to win was just crazy to me! I surely thought I would walk out the casino with NOTHING! :)

Day 4: Angel, Josh and I went to the St. Louis Zoo. It was a BLAST but that place is huge and free! How awesome is that? St. Louis has a lot of free things to do which made for a cheaper trip.

This picture needs a little explaining. So we were obviously at a stingray touch tank which also had a shark in it. I had tried to touch a stingray and they went NUTS in front of me. I screamed and Josh obviously was like OH MY GOSH they are going to eat Miss. Sara haha and yes I am the blur to the right. Look at his face too! SO funny! People were laughing at me for screaming!

We also took a train throughout the zoo. It was really cool it went through tunnels and took us places we wouldn't have seen otherwise.

I love them and we had so much fun at the zoo! We were quite exhausted too! BUT that night I still went to the gym. The golds in St. Louis SUCKED! I was beyond disappointed so I actually didn't go back the rest of the week.



ktjane said...

I absolutely love the St. Louis Zoo! You had good weather, since it's finally cooled off around here. Looks like you had a great trip!

{Inspire Me,Beautiful.} said...

Looks like you had fun! I went to a Ripley's Aquarium, and one girl actually tried to pet the sharks. I thought she was going to have her finger bit off!