Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So if you know me, follow me on twitter or are my friend on facebook you know my new obsession. I have been consistently hitting the gym for almost a year now. I believe I started back at the end of September last year. It was right after I got my caudal block in my spine for my back pain. Doctor said I needed to lose weight and that it would help with my pain *he was right* so I got back into the gym. Since then I have officially lost 35lbs. I was 175 and now I am right at 140. I joined my new gym Golds which I absolutely LOVE! I have been apart of 3 gyms in my lifetime and this one by far is the absolute BEST one yet. They have everything you could possibly need and it's so big that you don't feel crowded when you are there. Oh and you can't forget the cardio cinema. Movies and cardio... perfect for someone like me with ADD.

Anywho my latest addiction is SPIN CLASS. My friend Shannon *spin buddy* asked me to try it with her and we have both been hooked since. I think in the last month we have done at least 10 classes. If you are on a plataeu with your weight loss I recommend trying spin class. It is no joke, definitely a HARD class but you lose 800-1,000 calories per class. I never thought I would be a gym rat but it has officially happened. It is a place where I can go clear my mind, put on some good music and make my body better. Plus those endorphins really are quite awesome! I did spin the last 2 days and plan to do it again today. Tomorrow will however be a break day for me.

I know people are probably sick of hearing about spin class but I love it and you should try it if you haven't.

I have also decided onces the weather gets a wee bit cooler I am going to walk during my lunch breaks. I have pretty much told my Aunt (who works with me) that she will be doing this along with me. She didn't seem to mind since she has some weight she would like to see go away as well.

Losing weight is such an accomplishment I never really thought I could achieve. But I have learned if you really put your mind to it and your heart in it you can do anything. You just can't give up. EVER!



Holly said...

Doesn't sound like my things, but congratulations on your weight loss! :)

Anonymous said...

You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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