Saturday, September 10, 2011

Putt Putt fun

Last night after my sucky workout. It sucked because I hurt my knee in Thursdays spin class. I called my friend Amanda and told her I couldn't be lame again and stay home on ANOTHER Friday night. haha So I asked what her and Richard (her fiance) were up to and we ended up making plans. We went out to eat at Wild Wings which was quite yummy. I got boneless wings because I suck at eating regular wings. I think some people can just do it and some people can't. Then we went to Blackbeards Cove to play some putt putt. We used to go to Frankies but that place has turned quite ghetto lately. Blackbeards is more family friendly and just nicer.
We had a great time! We laughed and joked around pretty much the entire night. Oh and what made it better.... I got a hole in one ANNNNND I beat both of them at mini golf. :) Not by much but hey I still won. We also played some arcade games.... we did a shooting game and I liked that one the best surprisingly. I have never shot a gun ...ever. But I want to go to Ladies night at the ATP gun shop and try it one time. Surely couldn't hurt to know how to use one, right?
We took a few pictures and I seriously love all of them! I love how I am wearing a hello kitty and a BRIGHT green jacket which also matches the putter. haha yeah I planned that....not.

After I got home I ended up sleeping 12 hours.... and yes I am still in bed. No spin class for me this morning. But no worries the gym is calling my name. :) My best workouts are on Saturday and Sunday so I try to never ever miss one of those days.
I hope you all have a wonderful weeekend!

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{Inspire Me,Beautiful.} said...

I love playing putt putt! We have 2 courses that you can play at ours. One is the North Carolina(our home state) course, and the other is the Virginia Course. I tell ya, that Virginia course is very hard. Since the state is all mountains, they made the course that way too.

I hate that you hurt your knee while working out. I hope it gets better soon!