Wednesday, September 28, 2011

St. Louis day 7

Day 7 was another Sara Angel day. Josh was not feeling very well and was being a bit whiney so we ended up leaving him with George. Which I was ok with since I got Angel all to myself! haha

We ended up going out for lunch at a place called Penn Station to have my very first Philly Cheesesteak. It was quite yummy and apparently I won't be able to have another one like that until I go back to St. Louis. After we ate there we went to Ted Drewes which apparently is uber famous for its custard I think it was custard anyway. We both got a mini concrete which is what they called a mini custard and it was SO filling. The rest of our day was up in the air so we left it to the british bitch aka the garmin. Gah we couldn't stand her but she kept us going where we needed to go. We ended up at the Anheuser sp? Busch Grants Farm. This was really neat it was like a zoo and they also had the Budweiser Clydesdales. They were so beautiful and HUGE. I know I am short only 5'1 but goodness they are gigantic! We had such a great time and the weather was getting chilly so thank God I brought my new coat. :)

I ended up being talked into feeding these damn goats a bottle of milk. Can I just say I hate goats??? They are dirty and try to eat your clothes. But hey I can say I fed them and got some funny pics.

This is the pic that basically tells you IM DONE WITH THE DAMN GOATS! haha

after the farm we ended up going to the Budweiser Brewery but they didn't have any more tours leaving for the day. So we went in their gift shop and looked around their little museum.

That night we went to an Irish Pub called McGurks and it was AWESOME!!!! I was still crazy full from lunch but I got an appetizer. Fried beef ravioli YUM and we all got a piece of bread pudding. I normally hate bread pudding but this stuff was beyond amazing. If you ever go to St. Louis GO to this place.


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