Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 Secrets

So I am going to try this 10 days of me deal that so many of you other bloggers have done. I will probably get half way through and stop haha not on purpose but it's just how things go.

SO 10 "Secrets" About me

1. most girls have 1 or 2 people they go to for everything and they know almost everything about them. I do not have that. I have 2 friends who know the most about me but I try to keep things to myself. Definitely not an open book.

2. My favorite color depends on the day.... MOST of the time however it is blue.

3. I want to have a huge dog one day I forget the breed and name him Mr. Pickles

4. I would travel the world if given the opportunity. I wouldn't be opposed to going alone.

5. I want my wedding to be on a tropical island somewhere. British Virgin Islands or Jamaica orrr Anguila. I hope I spelt that right. Nothing fancy just family and a few friends and a grand ole party after.

6. I hate drama. I do not like to fight/argue with people in fact I will pretty much just stop talking and listen to whatever they have to say. Say sorry and call it good.

7. I see things in black and white. No not literally! Just a figure of speech but when it comes to problem solving etc I see 2 options and really 2 options only. Its either this or that!

8. Everyday I am becoming more ok with being single. God is still writing my love story and I am no longer feeling "rushed" to make it happen.

9. I love love boy bands! N'sync, 98 degrees (saw them front row) backstreet boys, LFO, Five! Growing up I was OBSESSED and I mean obsessed people! Wrote letters to their fan clubs, sang in my bedroom their songs with my friends, posters on the walls and read articles in all those magazines like Tiger beat. haha goooooood times!

10. I love white water rafting. I have only gone 2 times and it was AMAZING! I have been wanting to go back and try a river thats a level up from the last 2. When I went the last time the guide told me I was ready and she had full confidence I would do great on the next level river. Maybe next summer I can make this happen.

So there are my 10 secrets that really aren't secrets but hey its 7ish am and I am not all that creative!

Happy Hump Day!



{Inspire Me,Beautiful.} said...

This sounds interesting, I would really love to do this so my readers could get to know me a little bit better. Is there a website that has this or is this just something some bloggers have done??

I know how you feel with the whole single thing. Almost every single one of my friends are married or dating or engaged. It makes you feel left out of the loop at times, but I'm not rushing it. God has someone in mind for me, I just haven't figured out who he is just yet. :)

Marina said...

It was nice to meet you little bit better :) I also want to travel the world.. My biggest passion!

Holly said...

Heheh I like the name Mr. Pickles for a dog. :P The breed wasn't an Irish Wolfhound, was it?