Monday, September 12, 2011

5 Foods

1 Chocolate Covered Strawberries- I used to buy them but I discovered it is SO much cheaper to make them yourself. Not to mention I think they taste better. But that's just me :)

2. FRIES- You may already know but I freaking love love love french fries. WeAKNESS! It is so bad 3 of my best friends have nicknamed me fries. Although one of them says its Fryez I think thats how he spelt it.

3. Cookie Cake-Enough said!

4. Pizza- yum!!! I love pizza with pineapple on it too. I have been thinking of ordering pizza with no cheese. Just a thought though.

5. Wings- Love em!!! Mainly boneless BBQ though. However, I will eat most any of them except HOT HOT ones.


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{Inspire Me,Beautiful.} said...

So this post makes me very hungry. It all looks so good.