Friday, September 16, 2011

Current obsessions

Does anyone else go through periods of time where they are obsessed (might not be the right word) with something? meaning food? I know my sister does.. her current obsession would be pretzels. haha

here are mine... not too bad at least it's only 3!

WITH ketchup! I swear it tastes just like eating fries and ketchup but crunchier! My co-worker thought I was crazy eating these yesterday but they are YUM!

I have eaten this for lunch WAY more times than I should admit in the last couple of months. It hasn't been EVERYDAY but most. I always eat a stouffers meal for lunch they are amazing. The panini sandwiches are to die for too and their chicken flatbread. YUM!

and last but definitely not least but longest! I have ALMOST given up soda entirely I do on occassion have one. This is what has helped me Crystal Light Strawberry flavor. I always drink them at work and have yet to get sick of it. It claims to give you energy but no such luck for me on that end. But I think caffeine has no effect on me for some reason. I could drink an entire can of soda then go to sleep or coffee or whatever! I guess I am just odd... lol not that we didn't already know that one.

So does anyone else have anything like this?



{Inspire Me,Beautiful.} said...

I have an obsession with Mexican food and chicken. Speaking of which we are getting that for supper and I have a chicken in my order. :) This is one obsession I can live with! :)

I feel you on that whole soda thing, I gave it up until completely. Then went back and had a couple a day which is not bad for me at all. Now it's getting worse again with me working third shift. That's one I'm going to have to work on.

Holly said...

Hmm, this post officially made me really hungry, especially the chips, and the thought of paninis. :O