Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Random Facts

10 random facts about me in no particular order 1. I am a contractor for the Government with no particular job description. I do anything from delivering mail to typing up documents to answering the switchboard etc 2. I love yellow roses 3. I love my blackberry (crackberry) but am thinking of going back to a basic phone to save money. 4. My favorite color changes almost daily... so therefore I guess I do not technically have a favorite 5. I love taking pictures although I don't do it as often as I used to 6. I have developed a new addiction to coloring my hair different reds. There are probably 5 colors in my hair right now 7. I am VERY addicted to the strawberry crystal light packets you put in your water bottles. Luckily I only allow myself to drink these at work. SO GOOD! 8. I am a busy body. Not a fan of staying home all day doing nothing. Might have to do with the ADD 9. I would like to think I will have kids one day but honestly I am undecided. I guess if I find a man worth marrying my views in children might change. 10. I have replaced my work chair with a yoga ball which is rather fun. I have noticed myself bouncing around which will be good for my core. Join in and share 10 facts about yourself. I actually found it hard to do! lol Sara

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