Monday, March 14, 2011

My Favorites

Favorite Time of Day- at work it would be the first 15 minutes because nobody is here with me
Favorite Season- I love Spring and Fall they are both so nice and not hot!
Favorite Month- December the month of my birth oh and Jesus' birth :)
Favorite Holiday- I would say Christmas
Favorite Subject in School- I actually loved History but that was once I got in HS
Favorite Channel- Bravo
Favorite Color- Depends on the day but typically blue
Favorite Song- When I look at you by Miley Cyrus. Go ahead and hate on it but I don't care it is a good song
Favorite Movie- Oh gosh thats an impossible question for me to answer
Favorite Celebrity- Girl would be Reese Witherspoon and guy would be Bradley Cooper
Favorite Kind of Music- Anything and everything
Favorite TV Show- Real Housewives
Favorite Thing To Do- Go to the beach
Favorite Place in the World- Again the beach
Favorite Hobby- gym probably
Favorite Kind of Animal- Dogs
Favorite Place To Live- well I have only lived in Charleston so I guess it would be my favorite
Favorite Place To Vacation- So far the Bahamas but I know that will change eventually
Favorite Restaurant- Kickin Chicken
Favorite Food- Chicken
Favorite Thing To Cook- gee I wonder... CHICKEN lol
Favorite Thing To Drink- I like strawberry flavored water or alcohol drink is a sky vodka strawberry lemonade... think I like strawberry?
Favorite Chore- HAHAHAHA thats a funny one
Favorite Makeup Product- Mac eye shadow
Favorite Hair Product- Anything herbal essence
Favorite Lotion- Pink by Victoria Secret
Favorite Perfume- See above
Favorite Memory- Too many to choose from
Favorite Blogger- Kelly from Kellys Korner
Favorite Thing to Blog About- Life
Favorite Book- Anything by Shiloh Walker
Favorite Thing To Wear- JEANS I literally wear them everyday! Or ill mix it up with Jean Capris or Jean shorts lol
Favorite Kind Of Day- One that doesn't involve work
Favorite Job- I loved my job at PostNet this one is wearing on me.... I think I just need a vacation


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