Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guess Where...

I am going on Saturday!!!! IKEA!!!!!!! Can we say excited?? I love this store although now not having my own place there is not much for me to REALLY buy but I still love it. My aunt needs to go up there to buy some furniture so she said she would pay for gas. SOOOO basically it's a free trip to IKEA which I can't turn down! I am also hoping that I can talk her into going to the Cheesecake Factory. I have heard that place is AMAZING but have never been. If it is too far out the way then we probably won't go but hey if it isn't tooooo far we might just have to stop. If you have never been to an IKEA you need to find one close to you and GO NOW! lol ok not GO NOW but seriously you really should take a trip there it is definitely an experience. Oh and do not take your kids with you... I mean you can but you probably won't enjoy it as much. For example my sister is not an IKEA fan because she took both her kids there with her on a Saturday... that is just not a good idea EVER! So don't do that unless you want to tranquilize your kids and I am pretty sure that would be frowned upon haha I digress.

Hopefully one of my cousins will come with us just so I can spend time with them. I hardly ever see them which is sad considering we are in the same city. I guess life happens like that sometimes huh?


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