Thursday, March 10, 2011


So lately I have been starting to think I should get rid of the red in my hair. I think it is super fun and really pretty but I am not a natural red head. Not that the colors in my hair would naturally be on someone else's. Well I suppose they could but not all together. I actually had a guy yesterday look at my hair and ask me "Exactly how many colors are in there?" haha So I suppose that is not a great thing huh? of course guys are clueless about hair anyway!

Now if only I could get my hair to be as long as her hair is in this picture.

So what do you think? Brown is my natural hair color but I would still add the blonde to give it some extra funness. Is funness even a word? Probably not! lol Oh well I can make up words on my blog I am pretty sure it is allowed. So tell me what you think :)


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