Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hello lovely people!! I hope you are all doing well today! I am extremely happy today which is funny since my day didn't start out that way. So yesterday afternoon a co-worker of mine who I am not all that fond of came up to me telling me I had to do something. Which is HER job not mine. I brushed it off then this morning I woke up thinking about it and got quite flustered by it. Why must I help people who don't even help themselves? I mean I am all about helping people at work but if they don't even try themselves it bothers me to no end. Anyways this morning I was driving to work and started praying about it and decided God had it under control. In our morning meeting my boss talked about it and it turned out to not be as big a deal as she made it out to be. RELIEF!!! Thank you God!! OH and I just started learning something new at work so it has actually helped me feel less stressed here. Which normally you would think it would have completely the opposite affect... nope it has given me something to do without using any brain power lol kidding there is some! I literally sat here yesterday for almost like 2 hours without even realizing how long it had been. YAY!! Makes the day go by so much faster. So after my meeting another co-worker asked me to come see him. We are friends on FB so he was looking at those pictures my Aunt Susan took at the park 2 weekends ago and his daughter happened to see them. Well she is in school for photography and is always looking for people/things to take pictures of. So she asked him to see if I was a willing candidate! I figure why not? It could be potentially fun. I saw some of her pictures and some are normal and some are funky. So you only live once... why not? Plus it will help her with school! So we shall see what comes of it! If she does take pictures I will be sure to put them on here. Well I am going to get back to my lunch!! Mac N Cheese yummmm!!! Sara

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