Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vent and my weekend

Blah is all I can think right now. That's the word that has just described me this week. Do you ever just feel you are in a rut? Like day to day you do the same thing even if you tehcnically do not? Maybe it's just me maybe it's not... but if you can relate then obviously you are not alone. Let me just say I am aware that I am truely blessed to have a full time job and wouldn't give that up for the world right now. BUT lately it just seems like it is crazy hard to motivate myself to get to this place. My job is not hard, the people I work with are awesome MOST of the time lol but I just feel like this place is turning me into a 90 year old woman or something. I seriously am starting to think I get a wrinkle everyday. Ok definitely not FOR REAL but just how I feel. I honestly just think it might be time for a couple of days off. The last time I took any REAL time off was in August when I went to Texas. I have taken days off where I was sick, just plain ole not feeling good or had Dr. Apointments but nothing FUN or relaxing. The weekends are just not enough sometimes... So maybe that is what I will do take some time away from work even if I don't really even go anywhere. Just some time AWAY! My co-worker is always telling me to take time off for me. Seriously everyone else around here is gone ALL. THE.TIME. but that is why I am here ALL. THE.TIME! My job is not one thing specific it is EVERYONES job including my own ..... SO when they are out I cover for them. Nobody covers for me though.... nice right? ok ok ok I am done venting complaining WHATEVER you call this.... just wanted to kind of get it off my chest a bit.


Let's talk about something a little more happy! Weekend recap!
Last weekend I went with my Aunt to Ikea like I had already posted about and we had a BLAST. We were only gone for the day 14 hours to be exact. I picked her up at 6:30AM and we were in Charlotte before 10 :) Good timing because basically nobody was on the roads which was VERY nice. She bought a good bit while we were there but all I bought was a coffee table for CHEAP and 2 things for my Joshiepoos birthday this saturday. So I live at home and you may wonder why I bought a coffee table... because eventually I won't live there and it was only $20 so it was a deal. So after we left IKEA with a car FULL of stuff (we got furniture for someone else too) we headed to the South Park Mall to eat at the Cheesecake factory. The ONLY reason we went to this upscale rich mall was to eat there but the wait was OVER an hour and we were Starving. So basically we went out of our way for chick-fil-a. Oh and my aunt did buy a really pretty white tunic shirt and a beautiful scarf. So I guess it was worth it. We did get to experience driving through a not so great area of Charlotte. Needless to say we were ready to get OUT of there. So we left Charlotte around 3 and decided we were not done shopping. By that point I had only spent $40, not bad. She paid for gas and all, so we headed to Columbia to their mall. Again I didn't buy a THING. I know 2 malls AND Ikea and I only spent $40 the entire day... something is wrong with me. But I just didn't see anything that I HAD to have. So we shopped and headed back to Charleston around 6 I believe. I know I was home before 9! All in all a good trip, I wish mom had come with us I know she would have had fun. We talked the ENTIRE time and just had fun laughing and catching up on life.
Sunday I slept in and went to the gym. Nothing exciting BUT that night mom cooked Shrimp Fetucini Alfredo and OH MY GOD it was AMAZING!!!! I had to stop myself from over eating it was THAT good. yum yum!!
This week so far at work has just been blah. But I have spent some time with the BF, Kelly and I went out grocery shopping that night too. Oh and yesterday I got to see Norrissia and Nevaeh GREAT to see them!! It is so crazy that she has finally gotten here and she has been here an entire MONTH!!! NUTS! She is such a gorgeous baby and honestly she is quite good! After that I went and hung out with Ashley and her family! Ashley and I parted ways for over a year because of something petty and now we are back as friends and last night was SO great. It felt just like old times and just felt right. I am glad her and I got over whatever it was that sepearted us to begin with. I really missed her and her hubby and now they have this sweet little man who is seriously just a joy to be around. He is SO darn cute and his little smile is to die for. Oh and not to mention last night he winked at me which was SO cute! ok ok yall get the point haha CUTE BABIES!! Makes me miss Lola and Issabelle being baby babies. They are still young but now that Izzy is mobile she just doesn't seem like a BABY anymore. so sad!

Well my work thing is almost done copying. So I guess I should finish what I was doing. It took over an hour for me to copy all these drawings to ONE database. Nuts considering I am not completely done. All in a days work!!
Happy Hump Day Everyone!!


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