Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pollen hates me

So I must say that I abosolutely HATE pollen. Before this year it never once bothered me. Not even so much as a sneeze. But this year it has taken its wrath on me and I feel like DEATH. Yesterday I actually didn't go to work. I hate being that person that calls out on a monday BUT I spent like 4 hours outside at a park with my Aunt Susan on Sunday and I guess it took over my head. I didn't sleep at all Sunday night so alarm time Monday morning I knew work was just NOT in the forecast for me. So I took some tylenol pm and back to bed for another 4 hours I went. Then I stayed on the couch for most of the day until about 3 watching lifetime movies. Now I used to LOVE lifetime movies but now they are just stupid. I still watched them because there was NOTHING on TV but I wasn't reallly impressed. So I am at work today hating life wishing I could breathe.... on a more interesting note... today someone kinda popped back up in my life kinda who I have been missing a lot actually... I always wonder why that happens? Not that it happens very often of course but I have been thinking of this person a lot lately and then BAM there he is... hmmmm! I won't over think this but I will say it was kinda nice to talk to him. Although I probably sounded like an idiot because I was dumbfounded! is that a word? anyways... since I am now single again... yay *sarcasm* maybe it's a sign... maybe it's not... time will tell! I guess I am realizing now that what I want might have been in front of me for quite some time.... hmmm!! Well enough of the thinking for this pollen infused head of mine! Back to do some more mail stuff then get ready to go home and get in my BED :D yay!!! Best cure for allergies is my bed!! :D

Oh and next time I hope to post some pictures from my trip to Charlestown Landing sunday with my aunt! She turned our "workout" into a photo shoot for me! If only I had known I could have dressed a bit nicer! :)


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