Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yup... it's true

There's nothing wrong with it either! :) someone's got to! haha I was feeling really down earlier thanks to a certain someone that's been kinda in my life lately. But after my 2 hour workout I feel SO much better. Working out has become something insanely positive in my life. Not only am I losing weight, getting healthier, and building muscle I am begining to really love me! It's nice! :) I bet everyone in my life is getting sick of hearing about my workouts but it's a really big part of my life right now. It's not like I have a boyfriend to talk about or anything else major like they do!

I think I posted yesterday about the Relay For Life I was doing last night. I must say that really is a positive experience. I only walked 2 miles which isn't a lot but I also didn't stay THAT long once they started walking. I think I was there like 3 hours but walked for an hour or so. I think next year I want to do it and be more in it. Raise money and everything.... It is such a positive thing to be involved in. I wish I had been more involved this year but sometimes you have to experience something to feel it really IS important. NOt that I didn't think it was important before but it just felt more real and important last night. So hopefully next year I can make it happen :) THEN we can raise even more money for TEAM POPPA! :)

Time to shower and wait on my laundry!! Hopefully going out tonight with Kelly and her cousins or at least just Kelly! :)

Happy Saturday everyone!

Love ya,


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