Friday, May 6, 2011


I know Friday is almost over and all but I figured I would do a small post. Mainly because I am bored hoping the computer will make me sleepy... it's not working yet for the record.

So the last couple of days have been rather hard. I am thinking it is due to the prayer challenege I previously posted about. I know when you get closer to God the Devil works harder on you. He will not win. I have just felt very convicted and know almost sad. But I know what the reasons are and I will not let him win. This morning I was feeling quite down until I talked to a really awesome person and my day just went up from there.

After work I went to see Ashley and Jesse. Her sister was there too, she's pregnant with baby B and I am so excited for her to have him. I love babies which I find funny since I am not really sure I even want them. Angel says I will change my mind just like she did. We shall see... I make no promises. lol I will probably end up with like 20 kids like that Michelle Dugar lady.. haha I will not curse myself with that. *knock on wood*

Anywho, I hung out with them for a bit then Ashley and I went to Norrissia's house for ANOTHER jewelry party. haha I feel like I go to one monthly. But we had a great time. Norrissia and her friends were hilarious I was seriously laughing a lot. I think Ashley had a good time too. Most of the ladies live in her neighborhood so maybe she will have some potential new friends too. They are all nice and friendly but I only know them surface level besides Nor. Oh and can I just say she looks FABULOUS for having a baby 2 months ago. She's tinier now than before she got preggo. After the party Ashley and I hung out for a bit just talking about life. You know nothing major haha

It was a great night. And I am so blessed to have such great friends in my life. I couldn't imagine life without my girls!

My computer is telling me it's dying....

Have a great weekend!


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