Monday, May 9, 2011

Going Away Party

Last weekend I went to my friend Angels going away party/cook-out. She finally posted some pictures on FB so I wanted to post them here. These are just a few of my favorite ones. The one picture of Kelly, Angel and Myself is my favorite!! I love this picture and I love those 2 chicks with all my heart so that helps too! :)

ok the thing on my head is a cover for food. Don't ask, No I was not drunk in this picture. My face is red because it was hot outside lol

This is why we are best friends. I love this picture!

This is a random picture I took of myself before our last girls night out. I thought I looked cute. haha it was on Wednesday and we went to Al Di La which I have talked about before. It was SO good. Angel and I split a dinner since I wasn't all that hungry. But we had grilled porkloin I think and mashed taters and some veggies. It was DELISH! So glad I split it mainly for the price though. That place is a bit pricey. We had a lot of fun that night though!

This past Saturday night Angel and I decided to have one last girls night just her and I. I went to her house and we headed to Moes and Kohls with J. After that we went back to her house got in our pjs, put J to bed, got a woodchuck and watched a movie. We watched a movie called The Women it was um interesting. We both enjoyed the movie but pretty much agreed that we would never watch it again. It was just a one time deal! I left her house at like midnight I believe so I was tired. The thing that REALLY sucked is she started to cry when I left.... I held it together for her I knew if I cried it would all be over lol BUT don't think I am heartless I sobbed for a good 10 mins while I was driving home. But the tears made driving hard so I had to stop. We officially say "See you later" on Wednesday and I am DREADING it. :( But I wish them well on their next journey to STL.

On a bit of a happier note my great friend Julie had her baby on Saturday evening. Baby Marlow showed up about 6pm and she is PRECIOUS!! Absolutely can't wait to meet her. Julie is already calling me Auntie Sara which I am fine with.

Well back to work.... Have a Happy Monday... ok TRY to! :)


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