Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So Sad

Well today was the day.... the day I have been absolutely DREADING! Today I said "goodbye" or "see ya later" to one of my very best friends and her family. We hung out for a bit after I got off work then I knew it was time to come home. Needed to get laundry done for my trip....I was playing with Josh running around and Angel started crying.... she knows how much I love Joshiepoo and he loves me... she hates that we won't get to see eachother for a couple of months. But we had to say goodbye... Josh gave me the sweetest hug and a kiss on the lips. haha that was SO cute he threw his hands up in the air afterwards and turned bright red. SO freaking cute love that little guy! Then Angel and I hugged and it was ALL OVER.... we both started bawling.... I said ok I have to go... and walked out... I couldn't even look at her face before I walked out... it sucked! I love them all SO freaking much but I know its not forever... I will visit them in STL as soon as I can... I guess this is just part of life... but true friends will be there no matter what... even if they are miles apart... Love you guys and will miss you TONS!!!

*this isn't the GREATEST pic BUT it was the only one with ALL of us in it lol*



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