Sunday, July 19, 2009

Susan came to visit!!!!

Well I have had another Busy weekend! Now im not complaining that its busy but I am ready for a bit of a break. But I will have no such luck in that department. Next weekend Kelly and I are heading up to Charlotte to go to Ikea and to see Susan for the day!!! CANT WAIT!!! I have heard Ikea is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Then the next weekend Kelly and I are moving into our apartment!! SOOO EXCITED!!!!

Anyways this weekend my friend Susan came to town from Charlotte. I had not seen her since LAST February. So it was a much overdue visit. She actually came in Thursday night and also stayed Friday night with me. I didn't get to visit with her much thursday night because she got in late and so did I. But we got to my house at the exact same time. Thursday is the last time I will see Pam, Wyatt and the kids for quite some time. I just hope its not TOO long. I will REALLY miss her. But Thursday she had a cookout and got some of us to help with the packing etc. Then I got to drive home in a monsoon it was SCARY. I think I had white knuckles the WHOLE drive home and finally got off the interstate because I couldn't take it any longer. ANYWAYS Friday I went to work and Susan headed out to the beach and did some shopping. I was SO jealous if I could have taken the day off I would have. BUT my co-worker was not there all week so I had to go to work. Friday night we hung out with Shannon at the mall for a bit then went to pick up Lola from VBS at Coastal. Susan got to see a couple of people she wanted to see so that was nice. Then we headed to Ihop for some pancakes. I have a new love for pancakes. I used to only get french toast there but the last 2 times I have been there I ordered pancakes. YUMMY!!

Saturday we woke up at the butt crack of dawn. 7:50 haha I know its not THAT early but for a Saturday yes that is early. We got the cooler all packed up and headed to the Yacht club. We went out in the boat with the family and had a GREAT time. Susan is from Indiana, went to school in TN, and now lives in Charlotte. Therefore anything involving the beach or ocean she is down for. She had alot of firsts on our boat trip one thing was holding a dead shark. haha much more brave than I!!! We also saw a TON of starfish EVERYWHERE. I have never seen so many just laying on the beach. She found a dead one and took it back to show her class. She is a second grade teacher in NC and found quite a few treasures to take back to show her class this year. After the beach/boat trip we came back and chilled. She got to meet Seth and he bought all of us some pizza. Thanks honey!! She left around 6ish.

Saturday NIGHT Seth, Shannon, Lola, Tony, Mom, Dad, Papa and I all went to a Riverdogs game. They played like crap but thats ok. The experience was fun and the weather turned out nice. When we FIRST got their it was POURING so I had my doubts. But it turned out nicely. Lola got her arm painted with a memermaid on it *pic below* so she was excited about that one! all in all a GREAT Saturday but im ready to stay home on this lovely Sunday morning and get some stuff done. Although I feel that I won't be home all day. In my world SOMETHING ALWAYS comes up! again im NOT complaining but I do need to start this thing called PACKING!!!

<3 Sara

Enjoy some pics from Susans Visit and the game!

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