Thursday, July 2, 2009


So these pictures I got off of this morning. I saw them on the home page when I opened up my internet explorer.

This is the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago. They made GLASS balconies for people to walk out on and get a good look of the city. I don't know about yall but I felt complete anxiety just LOOKING at those pictures!! Would any of you dare to walk out on it? I can BARELY walk out to the ledge on a lighthouse! Maybe its just me but I would FREAK OUT!! I remember when I was younger I got to go out to my dads work for like a family day to get a tour of the place and have a picnic. Well the 9th floor is a grated floor meaning it has holes in it but you can walk out there no biggie. That was scary enough looking down and it was only the 9th floor! Anyways I know this is pretty random but I wanted to share this info and see what you guys think!! Would you walk out there or no?? I know that my answer is HECK NO!!! :)

Well its time for my "friday" to begin!! I have off work tomorrow which im REALLY excited about. 3 day weekend YEAH!!! I think im going to go get Lola for the day or afternoon and go somewhere involving WATER!!! So enjoy your day and hopefully you have a 3 day weekend like I do!!!

<3 Sara


Anonymous said...

I would NEVER!!!

Together We Save said...

Wow. NO way! I am so scared of heights. Thanks for following.