Monday, July 20, 2009

SOOOO excited

So I got my bed yesterday from Big Lots!! I am NOW ready to move out. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bed. I was actually going to settle for a cheaper bed BUT Seth loves me. Therefore, he helped me purchase the sleigh bed! Isn't he the best?? The other bed was nice but this one is just ME! I have wanted a sleigh bed for as long as I can remember. So just wanted to share my excitement!! less than 2 weeks until I move. I started packing yesterday and got a bit overwhelmed. I have packed 4 boxes and have a TON of furniture etc already in our garage. My poor dad he LOVES to keep his garage looking nice. And I have junked it up!! I keep reminding him its temporary!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely monday. Im the switchboard operator for the morning HOPEFULLY not the whole day. So my morning consists of " Good Morning, Spawar switchboard how can I help you?" fun right? haha

<3 Sara


Amber said...

Nice!! I love sleigh beds too and I love buying my bed stuff (beds and mattresses) at Big Lots too! Too cute! Are you just moving out of your parents or are you like moving away?

Sara Lynn said...

im just moving out of my parents home. Ill be living in an apt with another girl about 20 mins away from my house.

and big lots ROCKS! their prices are GREAT!!!