Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So I was never really an avid watcher of Jon and Kate plus 8 but I admit the recent tabloids got me watching this season. I am actually on Team Kate something about Jon just doesn't seem right to me. Then he goes and dates a 22 year old and publicly goes out with her. He must have def been a cheater for awhile because he didn't seem to care AT ALL. And someone who claimed he wanted to be out of the spotlight well Jon you just made your way into the spotlight more than ever!!

Anyways I just realized this morning that my last post was my 100th post. So are you supposed to do any special post at 100 or just continue on as normal?? Btw I can't believe I even made it to 100. I wasn't really into the blogging thing at first but this year I have gotten alot more interested in it. Its a fun way to share your life with everyone and takes up some time. I got rid of my myspace so this is my myspace time filler. haha Btw getting rid of myspace has done wonders for me. I will not explain why but trust me it has!! Myspace is just lame! So now its just blogging and facebook! Oh not to mention all my celebrity websites. Yes im a celebrity gossip addict!!! Anyway time to work!! Happy Tuesday!

<3 Sara

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