Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Well I hope everyone had a happy and SAFE 4th of July weekend. I tell ya it was one BUSY weekend for me! Friday I had off work like I previously posted. Saturday I went to Pam and Wyatts at 2 for a cookout with Seth and the kids it was small but I really enjoyed it. Later that evening we went out to Riverfront Park on the old navy base and enjoyed some time with friends and his family. Oh and we watched fireworks. After that we went to my friend Heathers moms house we were supposed to drink. I was WAY too exhausted ended up driving home at 1am because I couldn't sleep. Im VERY particular about my sleep it was be QUIET for me to sleep. Anyways today I went back up to her moms house for a cookout at 1 which was really nice. THEN we went to Angela and Stephens for ANOTHER cookout. I tell ya im ready to not cookout. It was a GREAT weekend but I am honestly SO glad its over with.

Next weekend I MIGHT be going White water rafting and to the Biltmore Estate with my 2 aunts and one of their boyfriends. I am WAY excited and hope it all works out. I have to make sure I can get friday off of work. I have leave but I have to make sure everyone will be there.

ALso, At Riverfront Park on Saturday there was a vendor there with jewelry, bows, bags etc! THIS is the website to for her stuff. I got a necklace, a CUTE bracelet thats engraved, AND another bracelet. She engraved it ON SITE so I didn't have to wait or anything. She was so sweet so go check it out!!!

Hope everyone has a great work week!!!

<3 Sara

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