Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Riverdogs Baseball

Last night we went with our Church to a Riverdogs baseball game. The weather was questionable that afternoon but we got lucky and it cleared up. I may even say it was NICE outside for once, not humid at all. 
We got there about 20 minutes before the game started so we took the pic above and went to the store and Dave got a cool hat. 
This is a panoramic pic I took, not sure how it will actually show up on the blog. 
Rocking our Riverdogs hats

Hands over our hearts while a chorus sang the national anthem to start the game. 
Dave and I took Jesse and Isabelle over to the kid area and they loved it. It wasn't crowded luckily. Ps. Going to a random weekday game is awesome, NO crowds!!! You go on a friday and there are tons of people! 
My Isabelle :)
Love this sweet boy, so glad I get to be apart of his life. 
The first of many pictures with Charlie the Riverdog. 
My Lola, poor thing had a bad ear infection but still had fun with us. 
Charlie came over to where we were sitting and stayed for a good 15 minutes. At the end Izzy said they were BFFs and Dave was no longer her BFF haha

She is a mess. Someone near us was eating peanuts and we took her to walk around. She found a jump castle and lucky for her I had $2 for her to jump. 

The view behind the stands is absolutely beautiful. 
I love this boy so so much! 

We left around 8:30 because we are old and go to bed early. We had so much fun with our friends and getting to chat with people from church. It was definitely a good time, I hope they do more events like this in the future. 

Almost bedtime (9:11 told you i'm old). 

<3 Sara

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