Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sunday Fiesta

Sunday was such a great day like REALLY great day. I woke up early (shocker) and took Teddy for a walk at 7am. It was so quiet and peaceful until a huge chocolate lab came running at me. Of course my initial instict is fear but she just wanted to play. Luckily she went back to her yard peacefully and we continued on our walk. I don't like to assume a dog isn't friendly but when their owner or anyone for that matter isn't around you can't be too cautious. 
 Once I got back and did a bit more of a workout in the living room I got everyones breakfast ready. I even made Eggs, turkey sausage and biscuits for me and Dave. The kids always want poptarts or waffles, but Logan did eat some of the sausage. That kid is growing he has been eating a lot more than normal lately. 
 I wore a new Old Navy dress to church and ended up being so comfortable I wore it all day. I am pretty sure it was less than $20.

 We had lunch at home and hung out for a little bit after church then went to JI for a Fiesta birthday party for my mom and sister. First we stopped by my parents house to hang out, the kids scored a few fun toys since my mom went to the Disney Store the day before. Lucky kiddos. 

 Krystal, Vincent and Oliver came there first too so we got to hang out with them a bit too. I wish that first picture wasn't so blurry but isn't it just so cute though. 

We went to Shannons at 5 for the party, she did a really good job decorating, it was fun!

Dave was trying to teach Lo how to do a back flip but she kept getting nervous. haha they still had fun playing around on the trampoline. With my ankle it will be awhile before I can jump on it again. boo!

 Alayna was really enjoying the swingset

 Isabelle saying the prayer, she is too cute! We got to eat after she was done. Tacos, pinwheel taco things, enchiladas, taco salad, dips, watermelon and chocolate chip cookies. Can we say YUMMY!!! Aunt Theresa also made her punch which I love so I was happy. I didn't eat as much as I wanted to thanks to trying to lose weight but don't you worry I still enjoyed enough of the yumminess! 
 These 3 have such a good time together. I think Lola has fun with them too but she is a little older so she may not be as much of a fan haha they all got to have a pool party friday night like I said before and Logan talked about it all weekend. They love when Lola and Isabelle are around. 

 Uncle Dave trying to turn Oliver into an Eagles fan against his fathers wishes haha he is a Steelers fan.
 Mommy and me, Love you mom!
 Mommy, Grammy, Aunt Theresa and Aunt Susan

I didn't get a picture with Krystal the other birthday girl but she was there. I didn't take as many pictures as I could have but we were having fun!

Oh I made them a cake which actually turned out pretty good and it's not too heavy/fattening. Take a 20ounce can of crushed pineapples and a box of angel food cake mix only those 2 ingredients together put into a 13x9 pan at 350 for 30 mins, SO good! We had it with vanilla ice cream but I bet whipped cream would have been good too. 

It was a really nice party, just us family but I loved it. Great way to end the weekend! :)


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Nicole P said...

Cute dress!!! Old Navy always has some good deals, I got work pants for $10. I heard you can do the cake thing with a can of diet soda or canned pumpkin too for a healthier version :)