Monday, June 15, 2015

Heat wave

Whyyyyy must the weekend be over?? :( they always go by so fast, especially the fun ones. 

Friday night Shannon and I went to a Mary Kay party at Norrissias for a little girl time. Dave had all 4 kids for 3 hours, bless him haha I had fun and definitely enjoyed time with Nor and my sis. I got some face wash, eyeliner and cologne that smelled ah mazing for Dave. 

Saturday was my mommys birthday so of course I had to call and say happy birthday before the day really started. We celebrated Sunday (thats another post) it was really nice!

So anyway, We had breakfast then we ran some errands after the gym which included a haircut for Logan. He now loves getting his haircut which I find funny but hey for $10 it's worth it. Look at that smile, he does that the whole time. 

We got home had some lunch then cooled off at the pool. First time I actually got in the pool, it felt great. Normally it's freezing but because it's been SO hot the pool was warmer. Alayna was thrilled I was in the pool and I was the shiny new toy haha 

This picture cracks me up for some reason. She is getting more brave which is good and bad. We sometimes have to tell her to put her swim tube back on because she ventures further from the stairs than she should. I think she wants to be a good swimmer like Logan. I would love to take them to swim lessons but we don't have them often enough to do that. 
Our brave little fish! 
Love her! 

Ashley texted me while we were at the pool and invited us over to come play and have dinner. We love our Newmans so duh we were going. 

Someone was sleepy and used Mickey as a pillow. Haha silly boy! Luckily after a monster drink he joined us at the table and we got to enjoy some adult time before we had to leave. I love that the kids love playing with Jesse. I hope they are friends for a very long time. Alayna was so excited to know she would see Jesse at church the next am. 
Mr. Newman always hooks us up with yummy food off the grill. So darn good!!

We got home had baths then we were all OUT!! Sunday was another great day, i'll blog about it later. 

Hope yalls Monday was really good, mine was not bad! 

<3 Sara

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