Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our week with the kids

So last week we got the kids on friday and they stayed with us until this past friday. I worked all week but we still had some fun when I was around. I think Dave kept them busy with tv, games, pool and parks! 
This was the sunset Tuesday night, gorgeous! 
Lola and Isabelle spent the night tuesday night. Dave sent me this picture around noon of them all eating popcorn and watching a movie. They went to the pool a short time later. 
Alayna asleep from too much fun with the girls but no time for sleep with our friends the Newmans coming over. 
The sky looked a bit sketchy Wednesday afternoon but we lucked out and had no storms. 

We had some pizza for dinner. Then the kids got to Enjoy some mickey koolaid pops with our friend Jesse. Dave, me, Ashley and Mike really enjoyed sitting around the living room chatting. 
Wednesday night we had an AWEFUL storm for a good 2 hours. Thankfully the kids stayed asleep but I definitely was exhausted thursday morning. 
Thursday while daddy was at the gym with Mr. Mike we went to the pool. I love this picture of Alayna. Then more Mickey pops after dinner. They love these things. 

Friday I left work early with a bad tummy and we got to see Air Force One flying into Charleston. The kids got to see it too  and Logan asked if George Washington was in it. So funny! 

The girls came over to swim and I stayed around the house for awhile then walked over. I wanted to swim but yeah no thanks feeling sick. 

Oliver came over and he was the shiny new toy. 
We had a fun week but I have enjoyed some peace and quiet this weekend.

<3 Sara

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