Friday, June 19, 2015

Mens Health Week

So if you have been a reader of mine for at least the last 3 years you have probably figured out being healthy is pretty darn important to me. I will say I am a lover of junk food but also love the gym aka being super active and recently started eating cleanER. I was introduced to Oscar Insurance a health insurance company in NJ and NY and asked if I would share the 2 infographic images with my readers aka friends and family :)  since it appeals to me I thought sure why not!
I had no idea that June 21st-27th was Mens health week which was her main focus in the email she wrote to me. We all know men aren't exactly running to the doctor for a cold let alone just their yearly check-ups. The infographic below is quite informative to let you know when you need to be getting checked for different things. I for one am glad that Dave is in the Navy therefore yearly check-ups are not an option. Of course once he is out I am sure it will be another story. I hope you take the time to check out the images, who knows maybe even learn a little something ;)
 She also told me she had a womens health infographic so I asked her if I could share that one as well since let's face it most bloggers or blog readers are women for the most part.
I am one of those crazy people who get all my check-ups on time because I know way too many people who have/had cancer and I figure if something is there it will be found HOPEFULLY in enough time to get it taken care of.
I hope you guys found this informative and don't worry I won't start being that blogger who has sponsors or anything like that but I found this pretty interesting and something I actually care about so I wanted to share with you guys.
Happy Friday!!

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Nicole P said...

Great info! Husband & both had physicals last year...I really need to find a new gyno because I am totally due! Thanks for the reminder :)