Monday, June 22, 2015

Time with the fam

 On friday when I got off work I went over to help my cousin move some of her stuff and got to see this little cutie too. She is such a happy baby at least every time I have ever been around her. I headed home and the sky was looking a bit questionable. I got home walked Teddy for like 5 minutes and a monsoon came. Seriously it was like white outside and super windy. It was a bit scary!

 So we also got the kids friday night which was unexpected. We were not supposed to get them until Sunday but oh well they will just go home Friday instead of sunday. He has them for 8 days since he needed to take leave and he gets them for a week in the summer. They got here took baths and we all went to bed, I knew it would be a busy tiring weekend so sleep was needed. 
 Saturday morning after breakfast this kid wanted a Mickey Mouse ice pop that I made from the molds mom gave me. He was pretty stoked, he said it looked like he was eating Mickeys tongue. haha silly boy! We went to the gym, grocery shopped, had lunch then headed to my aunts to take my cousins stuff AND play in the pool. 
 Both kids have been swimming so good this summer but this day Logan swam underwater the length of their pool which was so awesome for him. I am feeling more and more confident and less worried at least with him. My aunt gave Alayna swimmies for her arms which helped her with learning to swim much better than her tube. I bet by next summer they will both be swimming REALLY good plus they will be taller so I won't have to worry as much because they will be able to touch the bottom of the pool in the shallow end. :)

They had a blast, best part is they had the pool to themselves except the little bit Dave and I swam. They love the pool but I could tell they enjoyed not having a ton of other people there like at our pool. We got to spend some time with my cousin and my aunt too so it was nice. 
 They called this float their ship but not a pirate ship haha they played really well together. 

 I love this boy and his crazy kids! 

We went to hang out at my parents house after since we were like 5 minutes away! We got to see Oliver too which was a bonus. We hung out there for awhile, had dinner, hung out, played etc. 

 We took Oliver on a super short walk because it was quite warm outside he started to sweat poor thing. Alayna enjoyed getting to push him for a little bit, I definitely see her future with children somehow. Either she will work with them or just be a mommy either way that is what I forsee for her. 

We headed home to get baths and get to bed, we had church in the AM, we were all EXHAUSTED from swimming for 2 hours. The sun sure will wear you out but I love that about summer. You always sleep So good after days in the sun out in the water. 


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