Monday, June 22, 2015

Fathers day 2015

Sunday was Fathers day, I have to say I have an awesome daddy and I feel really blessed by him. He isn't much a fan of being put on FB or my blog but since it's fathers day I have to do it :) Love you daddy! I cropped the rest of the family out of one of the family pictures so it was just me and dad and I was like man we look a lot alike at least in my opinion. Thank you for being such a great dad and always being there for us when we need you and always protecting us!

As always I woke up early so I was able to take Teddy for a 1.39mile walk and do a good 15 minutes worth of arms and abs in the living room. Sunday has become the hardest day for me to get in a workout and still make it to church so I am happy to get them done first thing so I won't have to worry about it later in the day. 

We had to wake the kids up because they were so tired they were still sleeping at 8:30. We wouldn't have made it to church on time if they slept much longer. We got our breakfast and ready then out the door. 
 Dave with the kiddos, I wish I would have fixed Logans shirt but it is still cute. 
 I like to keep things on my blog pretty light and fun but I have to acknowledge what has happened in Charleston this week. On wednesday night a racist boy went into Emmanuel AME church in downtown Charleston and killed 9 people simply because they were african american. The whole thing just broke my heart, these people were at church for a prayer group and this happens to them, it is scary but it makes me so glad that our church has a security team. I know that doesn't mean nothing will or could ever happen but I feel safer knowing we have this team in place to potentially keep anything from ever happening. 
Anywho, instead of our normal meet and greet Pastor Chris had everyone join hands in prayer and for some reason I had tears in my eyes. I can't really explain why but I just felt sad for those 9 lives lost, I didn't know them but they were brothers and sisters in Christ. After we prayed they started the music again and had us all sing this chorus " Sin was strong but Jesus is Stronger. Our shame was great but Jesus you're greater." it was awesome and I was so happy I did not miss this service. I love my church truly!
 Since it was fathers day they had a shaved ice truck outside for everyone to get snow cones after service. I didn't get one but the kids were pretty stoked despite the look on Logans face in that one picture haha I didn't even notice it until I put it on my blog. 
Oh and you KNOW that red ended up on both of their clothes along with their PB&J lunch later when we got home. Luckily when we washed it the red was gone. 

 Dave borrowed my aunts deep cleaner for the carpets so he asked me to take the kids to the pool so he could clean the house. Yes he chose to do this on fathers day haha so I took them with me and we played for almost 2 hours even though the pool was like a bath tub which was not very refreshing.

Logan is obsessed with Kodie liking him. I was shocked Kodie actually sat there and let him pet him, he is normally really scared of kids. 

 We went to my parents house for a Fathers day dinner around 5. We got to spend some time just hanging out with the fam minus Krystal but it was kind of last minute so that's why she wasn't able to come. 
We had burgers, pasta salad, potato salad which I LOVE and baked beans. It was delicious and so not diet friendly but I kept my portions pretty small compared to what I really wanted to eat. They had a key lime pie for dessert which I had never tried until last night, It was not my favorite but I would eat it again maybe with some ice cream or more whipped cream though yum. 
 Before dinner Shannon and I gave dad his fathers day gift. It is called the Po'Mans grill and it looks like a trash can. She found it online and thought it was neat and I agreed, who cooks in a trash can :) I can't wait for dad to try it out and see how it goes. I got him a card and some reeses to go with the trash can! :) 
 We got home and got ready for bed, unfortunately while Dave gets to enjoy a lot of time off from work I am still going to work. I do plan to take some time off around the 4th though just need to figure out how much time since we are hoping to finally go to Jersey soon. I wish I earned more leave but I don't so I have to use it sparingly when I know a big trip is coming.

 We have the kids until Friday evening too so this week will be a little different but hopefully it is still good. Right now Dave is at the gym with Mr. Mike and I am here with the kids and it is storming really bad out right now. The power has gone out like 2 times, luckily the kids aren't scared by the crazy storm out there. I guess I should get to cooking our dinner soon, hopefully if the power goes out dinner will be done by then! 

Happy Monday everyone, enjoy your week!


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