Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ugh I hate Verizon right now. My cell phone barely worked at all today which made work a little boring. BUT about 2 weeks or so ago I was home alone all weekend and my phone wouldn't even dial out. Yeah that's safe what if something had happened? I don't have a house phone! OH and they charged me an extra $259 on my bill AND only credited me $209?? HOw the HECK does that work. I need to grow a back bone and call these people and tell them a piece of my mind. Sorry for the rant. Has anyone else had problems with Verizon?? I had alltell which was AMAZING and then it changed over.

Anyways I cant WAIT for this weekend. Kelly and I are going to the Stingrays opening game thats hockey for those of you who do not know. I am SO excited because its Military Appreciation night and free parking. Too bad my military boys are out of town otherwise they would be going with!! Other than that im not sure what the rest of my plans are but like always SOMETHING always comes up!!!

<3 Sara

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