Saturday, October 31, 2009


Update: No swine flu, NO pneumonia just a cold... the Doctor said I just needed some TLC. SO Kelly and I watched movies for 12 hours yesterday.... oh and im watching another movie already lol Sad!!

So I had a great time in Disney BUT I came back sick REALLY sick. My sister has swine flu, Lola I think just had a cold or something, and me? I dont know but im headed to the dr soon to find out. Mom is on her way to get me I have gotten alot worse since Wednesday. :( lets just say I AM MISERABLE!!!!!! Mom seems to think I might have pnemonia (sp?) Lets hope I dont have that because that I have had before and it SUCKED!!! So say a prayer for me please and dont forget to say one for baby Stellan who is back in the PICU again. That is no way to celebrate your very first birthday but I am just thankful he is still fighting and seeming to be doing better. Happy Belated Birthday Stellan!!!

<3 Sara


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