Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another semi-lovely day

Yesterday was a semi-good day I dont really want to post details maybe later though. Anyways after work I went home then Angela came over because we wanted to go walking. We WERE going to go to this park but when we got there, there were NO trails except a scary one in which 2 girls should probably not go on alone. *HUGE run on sentence* So we decided to go walk the battery and im sure glad we did. It was a GORGEOUS day out and the breeze off the harbor was just fantastic. Smelt a little fishy at times though which I wasn't a huge fan of. I did get a couple of pictures but they are off my cell phone so thats why the quality isnt THAT great.

After our walk we went on a couple of errands then headed home. When Kelly got home I was in my bedroom. When I opened my door to go chat with her I had a big ole present in my doorway. What do you ask was my lovely present??? OH just one of the BRAND NEW patterns of Vera Bradley in a HUGE bag!!! I told her we need to go on a weekend trip like NOW so that I can use it soon. I will definitely be taking this to disney world. It honestly is HUGE I think I could fit inside of it.
SO excited in case you couldn't tell.

MY AWESOME Vera Bradley BAG!!!! <3 <3 <3

I definitely wouldnt mind living here one day haha heres to dreaming

I LOVE the battery. I swear its one of the most beautiful places in Charleston.

If you have never been to Charleston, Book your trip! Its too beautiful! I am so lucky to live where I live. :)

<3 Sara