Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh last night

So last night we ended up not going to the Stingrays game because it was SOLD OUT! So we met up with some of Kellys friends and went to eat at Tbonz then went downtown. We went to Wet Willies and the drink I had was good but I am not a fan of FROZEN drinks. Like whenever I get a margarita I always get it on the rocks. I had brain freeze I swear the whole time we were there. But it was fun I would go again but maybe order a small. Then we went walking around for a little bit and ended up at Wild Wings. They had a live band so we chilled there for the rest of the night. But somehow in between Wet Willies and Wild Wings I lost my credit card. I have NO clue where it is but Im sure somebody has picked it up and tried to use it. I cancelled it as SOON as I got home. I just hope I can get a replacement card soon I have a trip in a week to Disney world so I might want to use it lol. Oh well Mommy can spot me some money if I REALLY need it. I just HATE asking for money so thats why I dont do it even if I honestly need it. My savings is wiped out right now thanks to stupid Verizon I hate them!!!! Oh well ill get it back up probably after Christmas. lol

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!!! Im going to the park with my friend Heather. Then eating Chili at mom and dads.

<3 Sara

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