Monday, October 12, 2009

Savannah Weekend

So this past weekend I went with my Angela down to Savannah, GA. We had a great time and it was much needed Sara Angela time. I feel like I never get to see her because she is so busy with School and work etc. Anyways we left Sunday around 11:30 and got there around 1:30ish. We started out downtown at the Riverwalk area. It was OK it wasn't the greatest lots of tacky tourist treasures. We had lunch at the shrimp factory they had the BEST rolls, Caesar Salad and seafood bisque. I seriously could have eaten MORE. But lol I dont want to get fatTER so I didnt. We were going to just walk around the area but decided we would go do a horse carriage ride. That was probably the best idea we had. It was $20 which I thought was a little expensive because it wasnt even an hour. We got to see a lot of the city which we wouldn't have gotten to see. Our feet hurt enough as it was. :) Most of my picture came from the carriage ride. After that we FOUND our garage lol that was a task and headed back to our hotel. It was really nice but the pillows and AC SUCKED. We had dinner and watched Marley and Me I CRIED!!! We also went in the hottub and the outdoor heated pool. I love swimming so I enjoyed that more than the hottub.

This morning we woke up pretty early thanks to housekeeping knocking on the door at 8AM! We ended up heading to Hilton Head Island to go to their outlet malls. We got a lot of good deals there. I got a lot of stuff from American Eagle and didn't spend that much money. overall I didn't spend A LOT of money while I was down there. Even when you add in my shopping. OH and I got Lola and Isabelle the cutest clothes ever!! I should have taken a picture of them. Anyways enjoy the pics!!

The Riverwalk Area

The Savannah Bridge not sure if it has a name like ours does

Me in front of some boat fountain thing on the riverwalk

haha this is my GRILL oh yes dont hate!

Angela and I waiting for our carriage ride to start

One of the many pictures from our ride downtown wish I remembered the names of the houses/areas

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