Thursday, October 29, 2009

Disney *a lot of pics*

Well I am finally somewhat ready to do my Disney post. Its going to be small though because I am really sick and don't have the energy to post a HUGE post. So basically here is my vaca in a nutshell. Saturday we woke up early and left for Disney. Did some shopping along the way got there and then headed to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights which was SCARY. I almost peed my pants in Dracula's haunted house. not a fan!! Sunday we all went to Magic Kingdom during the day had alot of fun got soaked on Splash mountain. That night we went back for Mickeys not so scary halloween party now that was fun. I even got to go trick or treating YAY!! Felt like such a kid again!! Monday Kimberly *my cousin* and I went out on our own to Epcot then met up with my aunt mom grandmother and Lola at MGM *hollywood studios*. We rode a TOn of rides which were awesome. I think my fave out of everyone is The Rockin Rollercoaster at MGM. it was AWESOME!!!!! Tuesday we came back home and now everyone but mom and kimberly are sick!! Krystal has swine flu YUCK and im just regular sick. Hints the short vaca post!!! Maybe ill get more elborate later!! Enjoy the pics!!

<3 Sara

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