Saturday, October 10, 2009


I feel like I haven't really updated in awhile. Not too much has been happening really. Although, Last night I had a jewelry party at my apartment it was Premier Jewelry and I loved EVERYTHING. If I had more money I would seriously just purchase the whole catalog. It was fun a lot of people showed up which was fun because most of them had not seen my apartment yet. :) They all said it was cute and they thought it was really nice. Oh I know my apartment is cute!! <3 Anyways, after the party I went on a date.... it was with an old friend and it went ok but I don't know it just didn't feel RIGHT. I guess i'll just see how this ends up we are still talking and still friends. no biggie. I just get SO awkward sometimes oh well I am what I am and I can't/won't change.

Today Angela texted me that she needed to get out of town SO I decided we were going to Savannah GA. I am SOOO excited to go there I haven't been since I was maybe 12ish. I hope we have a great time and im sure ill take a TON of pictures. We are staying in the historic district which should be beautiful. Oh I can't wait!!! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Im so glad I have Monday off. :)

<3 Sara

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